Top 5 WordPress Coolest Plugins Must Have

Empower WordPress Website with these Five useful plugins


Know about the coolest and top WordPress plugins you must have before publishing a post on a WordPress power site.  Below are filtered and must have WordPress plugins 2017-2018. These are the best free top 5 plugins your blog must have before publishing your first blog post.  


1) – TinyMCE Advanced

By having this plugin you will be able to create, edit and add tables, configure it’s row and columns as well color’s such as background colors etc.  Write table contents in different fonts family with colorful background and visuals. TinyMCE Advanced itself contains 15 more extensions for advanced editing.


  • Generate tables and do advanced editing in it.
  • List of the option is available when inserting lists in a blog post.
  • do a search and replace in the editor directly.
  • Play with fonts sizes and family.
  • And lots of more cool stuff.

    TinyMCE Plugin
    TinyMCE Plugin

2) – WP Smush – For Photo Optimizations

The fast you site load with tons of images the more you get better ranking in Google. While holding a bunch of image in a post, the most might get lazy to load and it took a user away from your Blog. Thus the user might don’t visit your blog ever again. WP Smush is one the best photo/image optimization plugin in WordPress platform.


  • Image compression without losing the quality while uploading into WP.
  • Image optimization even on existing in WP gallery.
  • Compress images formats like PNG, JPG, JPEG, and GIF etc.
  • Auto images compression on upload and you don’t press any single button. The plugins work automatically.
  • Show you how the size of a photo has been reduced per image.
WP Smush
WP Smush

3) – WordPress Social Login

The most popular, optimized and trusted social login allows your blog reader to be connected and login via Social platforms like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, etc. Social login saves users time instead of filling up a sign-up form activate the account and then log in. WordPress Social Login is fast, easy to install and configure.


  • Allows customizing the login UI and other integrations.
  • Almost every social services provider is included such as Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, Instagram, Disqus and many more.
  • Don’t worry about the price it’s an open-source plugin and totally free.
  • Full user control.
  • List of rules and restrictions as well, if you want to make some.
WP Social Login
WP Social Login

4) – Yost SEO  for Seach Engine Optimizations

Yost SEO is one of the most popular and trusted ranking factors for WordPress to polish your site for better ranking in Google, Bing etc. You can make it appear on Seach Engine if you have unique contents and better Yost SEO Setup on your WP Blog.


  • Write and Generate better content via Yost and page analysis.
  • Better meta and link elements with full control and better management.
  • Generate advanced Sitemap for your blog.
  • RSS Optimizations and Breadcrumb.
  • Import & export functions.
Yoast SEO Plugin
Yoast SEO Plugin

5) – Regenerate Thumbnails

It happens the most that your WP Theme might not be capable generate thumbnails for the homepage and reference post contents etc. A handy and easy to use tool for generating fresh thumbnails all posts from feature images.


  • Easy to use and simple installation.
  • Regenerating thumbnails without losing images quality.
  • compatible with the latest version of WP.
  • Trusted by Million of Publisher around the globe.
  • Upload feature and the Regenerate Thumbnails will take care of it.
ReGenerate Thumbnails
Re Generate Thumbnails


With help of these plugins and as result you will get power to the MS Word tools, empower in-Article SEO, and smush large size images to reduce the loads on your the hosting server.  Because of the WordPress Social login, your visitors will be able to sign in free options and as result, they will be your permanent visitors.


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