How to Sign up for free Blogger Account with Google

Signing up for Blogger product by Google offering free hosting with pages and posts


Using Google account benefiting to use free products such as Blogger. Blogger is offering free hosting as sub-domain of with free SSL for the sub-domain. Comparing with other hosting providers this product offering by Google is absolutely free of cost.


Follow steps to start with Blogger account and below screenshot for more help.

How to Create or Sign up for Blogger Account

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Create A Blog button

    Create Your Blog
    Create Your Blog
  3. Enter Google Account username and Password
  4. Select one choice to use Google+ Profile or Blogger Profile

    Profile Confirmation for Blogger
    Profile Confirmation for Blogger
  5. Create the optional Profile or proceed with existing Google+
  6. Confirm the Profile info and Continue to Blogger

    Profile Confirmation for Blogger
    Profile Confirmation for Blogger
  7. You are ready to create your first blog

Blogger Profile vs Google+

Most users having the Google+ profile and easy to move with as result the posting your blog page and posts are easy to reach the followers. Blogger profile is the limit to show up and specific to the Blogger site while the Google+ showing the Badge linking to profile home page.  It is recommending to go with G+ instead of filling up new forms.

Google+ Profile
Google+ Profile

Using Google+ Profile, the user will require entering details if no Google+ profile is existing before.


Remember and caution with switching profiles

Using Blogger profile and switching to back to Google+ will effect accordingly to show the Google+ profile details. Once change then only 30 days remaining from the first day to return otherwise reverting back is not possible. The user will need to delete and create fresh new Blogger profile. Information will not exchange from Blogger profile to G+ profile but G+ has search preference settings to choose if your profile to enroll in search engine appearance.

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