Importing Google Material Color Palette Into Illustrator (Guide)

How to add Google colors palette of materials design into the Illustrator AI


Google Material color pallets will make your workflow even better. There hundreds of colors material color that you can import in Adobe illustrator. Google color pallets are perfectly predefined ready to use color for any object in illustrator you are working. These combinations of color will save your time while they are ready to use color pallets. So that you can easily pick and apply any of the material design colors to objects you are working on.

But the thing is where you can find Google color pallets and how to import them into the illustrator easily. Well, don’t worry will help you with that, all you need is follow the below instructions carefully.


Importing Google Color Pallets into illustrator

  1. The first thing you wanna do is to get these Material Design color pallets. Refer to below source link.
  2. Now unzip the downloaded file with Winrar. If you don’t have Winrar (refer to below source link). Why use Winrar? It’s because Winrar won’t let these files to be unmanageable, keep it safe and in one place.
  3. Now open-up Adobe illustrator 2017-2018 CC or any version.
  4. Click the Windows tab on top, then hover the mouse on Swatches library then click other libraries.
  5. Now go to the folder where you unzipped the Google Material colors.
  6. Select Material Pallet (See the below screenshot for reference).
  7. The color pallets will open up and you can place it anywhere in illustrator for ease of access.


Color Swatches other libraries
Color Swatches other libraries


Color Swatches location
Color Swatches location


Enjoy Google Latest material colors pallets for designing your object with more perfect colors and beauty.  You can do so with more variety of tons of colors but file formate you will be importing should be in ASE file formate. Otherwise, the import tool won’t work and bring up the colors into illustrators.

Source Google WinRAR

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