How to Delete Messages in WhatsApp “Delete for Everyone”

WhatsApp You delete this message, this message was deleted.


“Delete for everyone” by WhatsApp, users can get rid of messages even after you have sent them to a friend or anyone in your WhatsApp contacts. The duration time period after you have sent a text message to Whatsapp contact your list is 7 (Seven) minutes to delete it or make it unsent.  After deleting the text message from any conversation will get hidden/disappeared.

The WhatsApp delete message features is only in latest app version released recently. If you need this feature you definitely acquire the latest version of the Application from Google Play Store or iPhone iOS App Store to update. Not Just you but the receiver as well. Remember if you send and delete the text message you have sent, you will definitely see it as a deleted text message but if a person is using the old version of the App then he/she might be able to read the text.


How to Delete Message in WhatsApp “Delete for Everyone”

  • Open any conversation you have made within last 7 (seven) minutes.
  • Tap and select the text message you wish to get rid of or delete.
  • You will get the new option as “Delete for everyone” tap it. That’s it.
This message was deleted WhatsApp
This message was deleted WhatsApp
You Delete this message WhatsApp
You Delete this message WhatsApp

Keep this in mind that it is not guaranteed yet 100% work. Things can go weird and the might go unsuccessful. Users who use WhatsApp beta version definitely get this feature but most of the users over the globe might not be able to use this feature. But they will it soon on their smartphone.  One of the weirdest things is WhatsApp might not notify you if any of your deleted messages get failed.

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