Facebook Update What’s New


Facebook gets updated to version on Nov-2017 with lots of new features implementations and tools. The latest Facebook is fast, with more features and easy to use with more comfortability. Keep in touch with all your Family and friends around the globe with Facebook and share them your luxury photos and video your loves the most. Let’s see what’s new in Facebook version

Facebook Update Features:

  • Get in touch around the globe and make new friends easily.
  • Do a status update quickly and now with more functionalities.  Such as colors and backgrounds.
  • Brand new notification style with new app notifications icon.
  • Backup your photos and look back to it whenever you want to
  • Play Games with friends and new Facebook buddies in the world.
  • Follow and get updates about your favorite celebrities, Games pages, Companies, Newspapers, Artists.
  • Sell and buy items products and services.
  • Go live and see other’s live video on the go.
  • Find and join an event.

Facebook now does more than you think and stay connected to your loved ones. Play with your photos and save them with you forever and you can look back to memos whenever you need to. It’s not a photo storage but a personal photos organizer. Like photos, share video, update status, enhanced the commenting system and lots of more cool stuff.  Download Facebook for Android and iOS iPhone or iPad from App Store via below direct links.

Source Download on Android Download on IOS

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