Change Gmail Display Language in Browser / Android / iOS

How to change display interface language in Gmail on multiple devices and browser


Gmail user can change the display language using the browser or any other device. Gmail via browser is allowing interface language of user choice. But using Gmail on portable devices will requires the user to change the device language. As separate App-language support is not yet offering to see a specific app interface language changes.

Following are the steps; how to change the language in Gmail using the browser, iOS, and Android.


Change Gmail Display Language in Browser


  1. Open up your Gmail account in which you want to change the display language
  2. Click the gear  settings icon at top right of Gmail and go to Settings
  3. Go to  General Tab and scroll down to Language
  4. Select the language from the drop-down list
  5. Save Changes to reflect the selected language
Gmail Language change
Gmail Language change


You can change Language setting for other products as well by click on Change language settings for other Google products. Here is how to find Gmail gear icon Settings.

Note: Follow above steps only if using Gmail via the browser on the Mac computer, laptop, home/office desktop computer or any device using the latest browser supporting Gmail.

Change Gmail Display language in Android

  1. Go to Android device Settings
  2. Scroll down and Tap on Languages & input
  3. Tap on Languages then select the language from list
  4. Open Gmail App to see the Gmail in selected language as of step 3
Android Device Language Settings
Android Device Language Settings


Note:- The settings may vary in different Android devices.


Change Gmail Display language in iOS

  1. Open iOS Settings and Tap on General
  2. Then Tap Language & Region > iPhone Language
  3. Select language from the list and confirm
  4. Open Gmail App to see the Gmail in selected language as of step 3


Note:- Similar steps to follow for any Apple device such as iPhone, iPad, and iPod.

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